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2028-10-31 07:21 pm
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First of all, forget about the "FRIENDS ONLY", since there's no need to leave a comment on this entry to be added.
There is no private post, but you can if you want to introduce yourself. I just want to keep that edit I made (^.^)

Next a brief introduction:
My name is Tatiana Aoloky.
I'm 25 years and graduated from Tourism Degree.
Currently keep going with my love for Arashi with bits of Tom Hiddleston, Quest Crew, videogames and such.

Also studying Japanese, improving English and drawing skills.
In search of a job related to Tourism and minding my mind in such service industry.
You are very welcome to share with me whatever tickles your fancy.

Have a nice day.
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2017-02-13 09:28 am
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2016-12-31 11:59 pm
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My lucky charm year.
I was actually expecting it to be a memorable year.
Indeed it is. It will be a year very well marked on text books,
globally speaking, to all the things that had happened.
Tho, personally, has been a good year as well.
I had met so many wonderful human beings from every single side
of the planet, and shared so many unforgettable moments together.
For sure, an amazingly awesome 2016 year.

  However, when I got the feeling to share something, I always come with plenty ideas to write down,
  even to rant about some events if possible, or simply share an opinion (partially biased?),
  about few circumstances but the moment I start typing every word flies away, as if it wasn't a topic
  that interesting, so I just leave this entry here as a mere reminder of how this year was without
  the need of mentioning anything else more. I will surely be able to recall it fervently.

  As the time comes whenever a year ends and a new one starts, here are
  My Three New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Survive.

  2. Finish all unfinished projects.

  3. Stop daydreaming (& procrastinating). Start living.

One last thing to add:
Personally not being such a religious devotee, yet I shall pray,
wish and hope nothing wrong happens to the humanity from now on.
Because this 2016 was a real harsh year to all of us around the globe.
Then, 2017 please, be kind.


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2016-05-13 12:56 am
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Delusional mind

I don't know why, just simply wanted to write here and share a thought there. Will put this under a cut since I don' want to bother anyone ^^

Might you be brave to open this... )
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2016-02-26 03:50 am

Another dream...?

Yes, let's call it. )

Have a nice weekend!

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2016-01-25 05:34 am
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One dream

As I wrote on twitter I got last night one of the, probably, weirdest dreams I've ever had related with Sakurai Sho. I had plenty but last night... I don't know what it was, but the story was like "Part II" of another dream I got long time ago.

News Zero? )

I chose on writing and sharing here, because it was about time that I give some use to this. Let's see if I can continue with the 'serial' fic, or post one somehow hot but that is related to the serial, it's not yet the continuation to the one already posted.
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2015-10-19 12:40 pm

[ONESHOT] "The nth time"

× Title: "The nth time."
× Author: Samiraisfan
× Length: 4,787 words
× Pairing: ShoxOC
× Rating: PG-13
× Genre: romance, drama
× Disclaimer: I only own the plot, original character and story. Sho owns my heart and soul.
× Summary: Aoky gets a phone call and an unexpected meeting happens.
× Note: Unbetaed. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes you may encounter. Also have to add that this is the first story of a mini serial of 'short stories' (one-shots) based on meetings between the original character and Sakurai Sho. OC's POV.

“I want to see you.” )
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2015-10-13 01:02 am

2015: Year of the Sheep

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" ... Or that was what I supposed to write already ten months ago. Since in the past years it became a tradition for me to write a post every new year here, this time I delayed it too much. So much that I'm writting it now, on October, almost when this 2015 is about to end.

Just wanted to share that I'm more active, like on previous new year's posts is mentioned, on Twitter and Tumblr but I want to give another use to this LJ blog and since I've started writing again I will post the few blurred stories here and there to have an habit and not get things stuck, dusty and forgotten. The idea is getting them published on Monday's midday, but I will begin to get everything ready by this week.

Also will change again the layout... Or not. Well, I'll give it a try after posting the fanfictions. If the text fits, I won't do anything, but if I feel it doesn't fit very nice I will look for a proper one and change it.

Thank you for still sticking there.
- Aoky yori.
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2014-10-24 12:14 am
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Sup! I've just made some changes on this journal.

>First: The layout.
>Second: The profile info.

And, although, I made a second livejournal some years ago, I will delete it and bring the few posts I've there back here, eventually. Because I
currently feel this place somewhere to really share what deep deep deep inside I feel and think. I tend to do this with my tumblog but it seems even if I write there something happy it might end up looking sad (giggle). And I don't know why! Maybe because, probably, at the times I was into a huge depression I used Tumblr to write all those cruel and negative thoughts. And for once when I got into that mood I felt better logging there but I usually find myself more at peace when I look into this journal.

And I won't go to make any post private because I feel pretty stupid doing such. I really don't mind who will read me. I'm writing for myself. I can be doing this on a piece of paper. I even do that, but I also like to save this somewhere else in case I lose all my thoughts written by hand.

Another thing I want to comment here is.. that I'm currently on my last year of degree. Last year? Yes, you read right, last year. And, also I'm getting quite creative that I might use this as a platform to share the stories I have in mind as storage, as I mentioned before. There will be on my native language (Spanish) and/or in English, depending on my mood.

To sum up, I will try to use this more often, just personal. Not related with anything I fangirl of. Although I might share my opinion about anything, currently just by myself.

Thank you.
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2014-05-11 06:18 pm
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Mostly changes and decisions in my life.
Seems I just write here whenever I make some important changes, but well... that's why this is what I use this livejournal account: for personal purposes. And to keep watching Arashi but that's all THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO SHARE SUCH FILES. THANK YOU!!!

What I came to write is... Don't know if already talked about 'roleplaying' here. But if not, here is the first time. And the last. Because I stopped doing it. It was really funny and entertaining, and something amazing to meet new people... But at some point it became an obligation for me when everyone else tends to use it to escape real life. My escape valve is college right now. It's weird but it is. I have dreamt to be in college years, and now that I am, it is wonderful. I met dozen of people per year and I feel safe there. If I could I would love to have classes from morning to evening, and do every work they give us over there to just come home and relax to enjoy the few hours on my hobbies and such. So I tried to have 'roleplaying' as a hobby too but I ended up taking it personal when that's the wrong thing to do. All 'roleplayers' advice it: "don't make it personal. What happens to your 'muse/character' has nothing to do with the 'roleplayer/typist/mun'." Wrong. I ended up feeling worse and stupid. And lately, empty. As if it doesn't go with me. As if I don't fit in such place. Every time I logged in all I wanted to do was logging off. I got down and depressed and it started to affect my mental health. Although it helped me to come with plot ideas to write and such, I put an end. I still use my tumblog to share all my shitty poor thoughts, sometimes negative sometimes positive mostly... neutral thoughts, but I also like to come here and ramble on everything.

Have a wonderful mother's day and an amazing start of week!

- Aoky yori.
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2014-01-01 12:02 am

Happy New Year!!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

I wanted to have this written by yesterday, but what better way to finish the year with one's conclusions about it! So here are mines:
This 2013 has been the year of ups and downs. Totally. I haven't done so many mistakes in my life as I've done this year. I used to regret everything I made. Now, I want to apologize to all those I cause harm or hurt during this year or last years. I'm deeply sorry. But I also want to say I've learnt from all these mistakes. And think twice everytime a situation is given ahead. And always goes to ask advice for the older ones (aka my parents) experienced in life the most. I also used to ask advice but then completely ignore such statements, yet later i was the one using them to advice people around. Now, to the contrary, I'm applying every advice i ask for on me and think about them before take any action. Also another thing I learnt is that there is no need to be persistant on something that have no future on it, that the good memories from that time, and also the bad ones just created from here myself, are what i have to treasure the most. Just every memory created with every person that cross my life. Now and then. And with those that no longer are here, with those that still are here, and with those that will come.

Thank you for everything.
- Aoky.

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2013-07-31 11:41 pm
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ShoKeiko fanpage

Hello, everybody.

Now that NazoDi team is again on promotions for the movie coming out on the 3rd of August, I just created a fanpage of the main couple: Keiko Kitagawa and Sakurai Sho.

JOIN US HERE: ShoxKeiko-fanpage

All credits goes to their rightful owners.

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2013-06-07 11:38 pm

2. Write a fanfiction

Sorry for the late continuation of the writing challenge I started few weeks ago. Now I’ll continue with it. Here point 2. And next will probably 3 & 4. It’s a short fanfiction, sorry.

What to read... )

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2013-05-26 08:38 pm

1. Write a short autobiography

It became not such a short autobio, sorry XD
Spaniard. 22 years old. 1.62m height, 65kg. Some curves, more than I wished but I like. Not long black hair, nowadays short dyed red. Multifandom girl. Had the bangs cut by me straight (not so straight xD) the eyebrows’ line. Student of Tourism degree at a Madrid’s college, in which they almost decided to close some weeks ago but we protested in time so now we’re still alive.Read more... )
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2013-05-26 08:32 pm

Writing challenge

I just have started a 14-day writing challenge on tumblr and.. well, since I don't post here quite often I think on sharing here the same I'll be posting there.


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2012-10-13 05:34 pm
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What's happening now.

I feel like it was years that I don't come to this world, the LiveJournal, and to this fandom, Arashi's.
Back to March... )

So, this is all I want to share here. At this moment. If I have some else to say, I'll come and write it down.
Take care,

- Aoky
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2012-03-29 03:14 am
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Some old vids

Found on youtube XDD
Mostly Ryanimay singing XDD
Coz it's kinda... hilarious!! XDD

Click for fun... )
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2012-03-22 12:05 am


Doing some changes. Will restore the layout and will put all the info edited back to its place. I'm making a new journal and leave this one reminded with all arashi stuff i posted, so few but enough. Will take my fics, the original ones, to the other one too. I guess I will not longer post here or... maybe from time to time when I share anything "interesting" on the other blog that would like to remind or so. Having a new crew to admire... will be a bit confused if i start using this for sharing things about them so... since i will always feel as an Arashian in heart, i'd like to keep this and will use the other for more personal stuff. Then, if any of you would like to keep me or stay tune about me, just can find me here. See you next time!
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2011-06-29 08:18 pm
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Taken From Tumblr

Can be 1000 words, 1000 gifs, 1000 pics, 1000 stars, 1000 ... Already 1000 posts, and this time words won't be needed to express some special love~ (or yes? Who knows)

Some "chubbisimos" cheeks that makes you want to squeeze them forever.





Spaaam ahead!! )
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2011-06-15 11:12 pm
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Youtube account

Have already written about this on my tumblr, but I'll gonna post it here too. I've got my first youtube account deleted due to copyright, and because I'm still working on fanvids I made a new one. This is the first fanvid I uploaded:

This one is quite old, for already one year ago. I'll start uploading the lastest ones I made since this one.