samiraisfan: (yamapair)
samiraisfan ([personal profile] samiraisfan) wrote on October 31st, 2028 at 07:21 pm

First of all, forget about the "FRIENDS ONLY", since there's no need to leave a comment on this entry to be added.
There is no private post, but you can if you want to introduce yourself. I just want to keep that edit I made (^.^)

Next a brief introduction:
My name is Tatiana Aoloky.
I'm 25 years and graduated from Tourism Degree.
Currently keep going with my love for Arashi with bits of Tom Hiddleston, Quest Crew, videogames and such.

Also studying Japanese, improving English and drawing skills.
In search of a job related to Tourism and minding my mind in such service industry.
You are very welcome to share with me whatever tickles your fancy.

Have a nice day.
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