samiraisfan: (yamapair)
samiraisfan ([personal profile] samiraisfan) wrote on February 13th, 2017 at 09:28 am
Somehow, a ... letter?!

Dear Sir...

This is the 12th or, more like the 15th time I try to compose this 'letter'. I wanted to convey too many emotions into so little space that at the end I was rambling about one matter or another but never focusing on any main issue. Like at first I started going onto positive feelings reminiscence of past events (six~seven years ago) which slowly turned to bring back those awful and negative feelings I recreated myself in. To complicate everything. To destroy everything. To blame on you my own crime. So, what I end up coming to? To.... Express nothing. I wanted to you smile or chuckle at least, not to cause you any pain. The least thing I want is to hurt you (again), although my only concrete idea was to feel closer to you. Heh, well with how this last month and half, closer to each other... Like nope. Since I ain't making any sense, I'll list below a couple of songs I'm into lately, considering that songs and music are being more like the language we communicate with each other better.

Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez - We don't talk anymore
Kehlani - CRZY
Bruno Mars - 24k magic
Beyonce - VMA performance 2016

With all this said, since I only expect you to read and pass to your next task, I’ll close this ‘letter’ here.

Hope you had a nice birthday, and
Wish you a happy valentine’s day.

Thank you & Sorry.
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