25 January 2016 @ 05:34 am
One dream  
As I wrote on twitter I got last night one of the, probably, weirdest dreams I've ever had related with Sakurai Sho. I had plenty but last night... I don't know what it was, but the story was like "Part II" of another dream I got long time ago.

The first images I can recall is a guy behaving as some psychiatrist showing to Sho, on my living room, some drawing I have just done few minutes before. The first drawing was three lines vertically coloured with different colours but all vivid. I gave a quickly look back to Sho and he was with this face with a gesture mixed between curious and not really understanding a thing. He was dressing with a full dark suit, white shirt and dark tie; hairstyle from back to mid-2011/2012... I better provide a picture, I think I recorded that image he got on an special summer of Shiyagare:

Well, the psychiatrist then showed another drawing which had on the left a column with different faces, although just the upper part, the second and the third column were the same face with a different hair style. But there was something strange about the faces, which was: none of them had the eyes, nose and mouth drawn. I don't know if the 'professional' explained it but my guess is... that I cannot understand what, mostly, the mouth and eyes are communicating, which emotions, sentiments, thoughts, situations. I seemed to run back to my room but Sho stayed there. It was like a family lunch, also mixed with a Monday, so the suit. When I came back, and dunno why we were talking about champagne and celebrating Sho's bday, I saw him laying on the big sofa. The ambient was calm and warm, with an ochre scent and seemed like he was well-accepted in my family, like one more. I remember sitting on the small sofa one (they are placed doing an L-shape), looking at him and few seconds later going to lay over him. He moved instantly and was about to go, I grabbed his arm and said a "No" quite demanding (something really strange in me) but he gave a "Don't you ever dare" death stare, so I moved back to the other couch. I watched him checking his notes for News Zero streaming soon, so I started picking up the coffee table in front of us while he said "Don't need to do it, your bro is preparing the other room." I was to myself like "Ookay messing again", so I came up "Yeaah, it didn't look so cool seeing you the other time sitting on a couch. It is better with interviews. Is there this time an interview?" He nodded and replied, "there is", as he was re-checking his cards for the forth/fifth time. I was kinda curious what it would be about so I stretched out my hand to take one of his cards, however deep inside my intentions were to touch his slender fingers. The moment I touched the card, he looked up and his gesture turned softer and murmured "We have to talk, later. About those drawing...", and I simply smiled slightly and nodded. Then I woke up.

Gotta mention that all the dialogues, except his last words, were all in english. His last words were in japanese.

I chose on writing and sharing here, because it was about time that I give some use to this. Let's see if I can continue with the 'serial' fic, or post one somehow hot but that is related to the serial, it's not yet the continuation to the one already posted.
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